Straight to Screen

On Spontaneity

routine is main course

discipline – appetizer

spice can’t sustain life

13 thoughts on “Straight to Screen

    • I disagree, most prefer the unexpected but the unexpected can come from routine also. No day is the same as yesterday. But, to seek the unexpected everyday in lieu of routine, one may never get anywhere. Discipline and tenacity are of the utmost. Spontaneity should be seen as the saying goes “spice” albeit a necessary one.

      I think at times, we want the unexpected so much, we forgo doing the work necessary to make us better artists and people. We go to bars instead of reading. We skip a workout for a date. We write the next poem at the expense of revising a current one . . .

      On Writing

      it’s not preference,
      constant work is the best tool
      if one wants success.

  1. Well man cannot live by spice alone – and poetry cannot flow without practice as it’s an art form and it breathes when the breathing exercises are completed. I’m in accord with your senryu here. Well done.

  2. Thanks. It is my goal to only use the necessary words. Even in a haiku or senryu there is room for redundancy. I do my best to avoid this poetry. This is my goal and I have turned out remarkably quick and spastic pieces but I’ve also been applying this notion to my longer poems -of which I have many. I hope more people will try to follow my lead and trim the excess to get succinct also. I think if more of us do that, we’ll have more poetry readers out there because I suspect that there are a lot of people like us who enjoy this kind of to-the-point poetry.

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