And This is Why

Each discarded

and donated piece of clothing

is a scrap

cut from a personal

and inter-personal


A shirt is more than a shirt,

blouse or chemise

when connected

to primordial meetings,


Cape Cod nights

in winter

with chartreuse.

And plaid –albeit passé

still holds in its intersections

one and one

locked together

for a bit,

A commonality

found unspoken

in wampum,

kente, tartans,

or on the

lanzas or looms

of Latin America.


Boots trudged through Alphabet City

and on

spilled beer

of the corner bar,


Clogs gone- fought grease

on kitchen floors-

but defeated

by ennui and drudgery


And then that dress,

went from hanging

to folded

in a clear plastic bag,


And then its mates

went from filling closets

to suitcases

but for a few socks



The rapture passed them by.

Is it to the blessed

to remain

or the sinners

Hold this Earth

as the chosen

move to the next world

Ready for embrace?


3 thoughts on “And This is Why

  1. Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog. You write very well. I like the theme, clothing past its usefulness or intent. Metaphor for forgotten people. I like the clogs who ‘fought’ but were defeated. Jane

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