Straight to Screen (a peek inside)

Lesson – Teacher

influence, inspire, evade: Federico Garcia Lorca

personism: Frank O’Hara

surrealism: Andre Breton

lyricism: Paul Verlaine

how to find a more suitable name: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Guillaume Apollinaire

how to find a more suitable word: Gustave Flaubert

the real: Raymond Carver, Hayden Carruth, Delmore Schwartz

the raw: Jean Genet, Jim Carroll

how to see: Rainer Maria Rilke, Tim Burton, Jim Jarmusch, Andy Warhol, Tex Avery, Claes Oldenburg, Orson Welles

how to think it over: Jean Toomer, Mark Twain, Neil Simon, Woody Allen, Larry David, Louis CK, Patton Oswalt, Roger Ebert

how to interpret dreams: Eugene O’Neill

why everything matters: Socrates

why nothing matters: Samuel Beckett, Jerry Seinfeld

why this is scary: Eugene Ionesco

why it doesn’t matter again: Albert Camus

beauty: Giacometti, Basquiat

the lack thereof: Jean-Paul Sartre, George Carlin

the city: Ted Berrigan

loving the city: John Waters

how to make something new: Jerry Seigel

how to disagree and systematically oppose this: Bob Kane

how to take the two and try again: Stan Lee

how to remember: Marcel Proust

how to sell it: Oscar Wilde, Jack Kerouac

no, really sell it: PT Barnum, Paracelsus, Emeril Lagasse

it’s all about the numbers: Albert Einstein, Pythagoras, Hypatia

but not always: Bob Costas

how to break the rules: Auguste Escoffier

how to write the rules: Noam Chomsky

never forget your influences: Lou Reed

someone always has your back: Wayne Gretzky

always have someone’s back: Mark Messier

always look smarter than you actually are: Elvis Costello

always look a bit sad: Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen

always look a bit angry: Hank Rollins, Greg Giraldo

it’s good to die young: Hank Williams Sr., Ian Curtis

it’s better to get old: Yevtushenko

resiliency: Anna Akhmatova

how to find a voice: Jim Henson

how to shut up: Bob Kaufman, Teller

how to say it: TS Eliot, Ezra Pound, Whitman

how to say it briefly: WCW, Dickinson, Nizar Qabbani

how to say it fast: Ramones

how to say it so no one quite gets it: James Joyce, Marshall McLuhan, Siddhartha

how to say it so everyone gets it: Woody Guthrie, Julia Child, Fred Rogers, Bob Ross, David

how to say it so those that get it get it and those that don’t don’t: Lao Tzu, Langston Hughes, Gregory Corso, Franz Kafka, Miguel Pinero

how to assess poetry: Harold Bloom, Pierre Joris

finding a kindred writer: Agha Shahid Ali

how to never give up: Ed Wood, Scott Jurek

how to be the best: Sun TzuPele

how to be better than the best: Machiavelli Messi

when to quit: Peter Buck

when to quit!: Michael Stipe, Mike Mills, Bill Berry

why create a story: Douglas Coupland, TC Boyle, Sherman Alexie

and how to end that story: Antonio Machado


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