Back Pocket Book Entry 4

Always wanted to live life

as some archetype-


Hoping in it

there was some practical



Through the years

sharpening knives, putting out

grease fires

The past has been honed down

to a few select shorts

And the fatty bits, silver-skin,

useless gristle

have been melted off,

or composted

for next generation’s tales.


One day on the front steps

or back porch


with or without


beer or coffee


Maybe with dog in window

or cat sleeping beside TV

There next to son, daughter

or these thoughts

miles from hometown,

Ears will be filled

as Flatbush Avenue

buses rushing

Fulton to King’s Plaza.

Tongues will turn over

landscape of bikes

in Prospect Park,

Grand Army Plaza, Parkside

and old Coney Island.

A monologue about

walking over Brooklyn Bridge

and George Washington in the same day

Crossing two rivers

trying to forge

a new identity

with much better stories

than this.


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